Half Price Body Shop With O2

Half Price Body Shop With O2

O2 Priority Moments


It seems that there’s always a discount at The Body Shop. I’m a fan as they’re anti-animal testing, so that’s good news for me. Yes I know they’re owned by L’Oreal but they say they no longer test too (I think ethics and brand ownership will be a blog soon).

The problem with there always being a deal is that some deals are better than others. Unless you urgently need something, I’d wait for the 50% ones to come around, as they do every few months. This one gets you £10 off a £20 spend. Ok, so you might not hit £20 exactly, but it’s pretty much 50% off and one of the better deals.

You need to have the O2 Priority Moments app, only for those on O2. If you haven’t, ask a friend! It is possible to get the deals by getting a pay as you go sim. Worth it if you have the time and an unlocked phone as there are plenty of deals throughout the year.

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