Cash Chats podcast Ep07 with guest Moira O’Neill

Cash Chats podcast Ep07 with guest Moira O'Neill

I’ve been joined this week by Moneywise editor Moira O’Neill.

We talked about fun ways to teach kids about money (including performance related pocket money!), how to boost your savings through high-interest current accounts or investing, and finally a few tricks to make a spring clean of your finances a less daunting task.

Links to all the articles and other sites we spoke about can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Links for this week’s Cash Chats

Moira on Twitter @MoiraONeill
Moneywise on Twitter @moneywiseonline
Andy on Twitter @AndyCleverCash

Links for chat 1: Kids and money

Fun ways to teach kids about money (Moneywise)
Where kids learn their money habits (Money Advice Service)

Links for chat 2: Boost your savings

Are your savings earning less than you think? ( YFAP)
Moira’s First 50 funds for beginners (Moneywise)

Links for chat 3: Spring clean your finances

Blogger tips to help spring clean your finances (UK Money Bloggers)
Three websites and apps to help you manage your money ( YFAP)
Andy’s 17 ways to protect your money online (Moneywise)

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