Cash Chats podcast Ep05 with guest Emma Drew

Cash Chats podcast Ep05 with guest Emma Drew

This week I’ve been joined by Emma Drew from

Emma is the Queen of “side hustles” – or making a little extra cash – so we’ve discussed eBay reselling (her latest money maker), plus how to use refer-a-friend schemes to help you and your mates. Plus we hear about how her dad was scammed, and how you can avoid falling victim too.

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All the articles and websites we discuss are included below so you can learn more, and maybe make some extra money!

Emma’s links

Emma’s reselling report
What is mystery shopping (guest blog for YFAP)
Take Five Scam Academy
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Andy’s links

My top “refer-a-friend” schemes
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UK Money Bloggers links

Don’t take the elderly for a ride

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